Volha Klaskouskaya to stand trial today, faces up to 12 years in jail


If the
Swedish court considers Volha guilty, she may face up to 12 years of
imprisonment, notes Radio Liberty.

In the meantime, her elder daughter, 11-year-old Miraslava Navumovich, returned
to Belarus with her grandmother. 

Klaskouskaya's lawyer Hans
sticks to the position that Volha did minor knife cuts
to her husband Gökay Bezgin as a self-defence.  

It is known that Volha appealed to the police, reporting home violence. Her husband
even was in prison under her accusations. The injuries and wounds, caused by
him, are recorded in medical documentation.

In the photo: Volha Klaskouskaya's husband Gökay Bezgin, with their son Adem.

Photo - svaboda.org, Facebook

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