Top-5 unregistered deputy contenders


of the
most noticeable “non-candidates”.

Artur Finekvich and Mihail Pashkevich. Twins perforce


The CEC considered
their appeals one after the other. The same number of signatures got rejected and
the same criminalists from Lenin District Department of the Interior analyzed
them. Their complaints resembled carbon copies!


 4th. Anatol Bukas. Car magnate

Bukas confessed that he had sold a damaged car to Russia without informing the
tax inspectorate about it.

The sale
was not mentioned in any documents so Anatol Bukas decided not to declare it. However,
the district election commission got to know about the deal and even found the
sold car and valued it!

Alyaksandr Milinkevich. Laws of dialectics

The ex-presidential
candidate collected more signatures than it was needed. Unfortunately, the
quantity did not turn into quality. 66 signatures were rejected and 98 were nullified
for different reasons.

Alyaksei Hadorkin. Medical error

the doctor did not attend the hearing. Otherwise, he woud might have been able
to convince the Central Election Commission.

 “206 signatures were rejected because they had
not even been checked by his initiative group. Even the constituency mentioned in
them was wrong! We did not even have to check the validity of the signatures!”

Alyaksandr Salop.

 14 signatures were nullified and 20 signatures
were rejected for various reasons.

of the district election committee exercised pressure on the people who gave their
signatures to me. People were afraid of losing their jobs so they signed all the
documents they asked them to sign!”, - Salop commented on the results of the hearing
of his complaint.

Undesired candidates
have three days to appeal the decisions of the CEC in the Supreme Court.