Teresa Strzelec: I will never go to Belarus again


Ms. Strzelec thinks that her forced stay in Belarus was illegal
and unfair, the Pole told charter97.org.
She felt like a hostage, the woman said. It is unlikely that she will ever decide
to visit Belarus again, she thinks.

The woman
left her car in Belarus a year ago. The car needed to be repaired, she said. However,
the mechanical engineer’s son decided to use her car and was stopped by driving
inspectors. The car was confiscated. The court decided that the car had to be returned
to the owner in January.

But the car
had already been sold. The Polish citizen was asked to accept money for it, however,
a huge tax had to be subtracted from the sum. The woman refused to pay, Belarus
annulled her visa and she was detained in our country. Teresa Strzelec went on hunger strike in the Polish Consulate in Brest
on April 8.

Photo: PAP