Radioactive equipment stored at Hrodna TPP for month


The notification about the radiation
detection at Hrodna thermal power station was published at the web-site of the Ministry for Emergency Situations. The Ministry's press-center calms
me down, like, nothing tragic happened. 

"It's not the equipment that gives
radiation background, it's the fixture elements. Local sources. Preliminarily,
those elements were supplied from India, the Indian contractor". 

they fenced an area of about 10 x 10 meters. All dangerous fixture elements are
located there. The radiation background there excess the norm by 50

is unknown how many workers worked in the area of ​​high radioactivity and for how long. The Ministry for Emergency
Situations claims said that no one has complained of health problems so far.

question is, how the radioactive equipment could get to Belarus? Relevant
services are required to make measurements of radiation at the border. Experts
believe that the radioactive fixture elements might get lost in the multi-ton
units with normal background due t their small size.

has found out that all radioactive fixture elements were revealed. After
replacement they are utilized – there is special equipment for this in