MMM representatives let out on bail

Euroradio has found out that Uladzimir Sitkouski, Dzmitry Nestsyarchuk and Syarhei Tsvyachkouski have been released. Two representatives of the financial pyramid, Alyaksei Saladun and Andrei Palyakou, are still in jail.

KGB rushed into the office of MMM in Minsk on March 16, 2012. Some representatives of the financial pyramid were jailed. The investigation of the MM case was not very active. A few interrogations were conducted right after the arrest and one –  in summer. There were not many lawyers' visits either.

The investigation has been prolonged until the end of the year. The entrepreneurs are accused of illegal business in an organized group which can result in 2-7 years of imprisonment with or without expropriation.

As far as the accused know, Belarusian depositors have not complained. And they did not expect such an outcome.

"We thought that they would just warn us and ask to stop if there were any problems. But they decided to turn it into a show trial."

 KGB used to say that no violations had been noticed in the activities of MMM and depositors did not complain until a certain moment. The Belarusian authorities paid no attention to the pyramid either.