Minsk brand developers show capital city in 2050 (photo)

Minsk is a city of intellect, the brand developers claimed in their visual presentation:

“Minsk and its inhabitants’ main strength that is always required in the global context is the ability to analyze, think critically and unconventionally and to find practical use for theoretical groundwork. The quality highlights the main function and the key idea of the brand of Minsk – a city of intellect.”


They demonstrated how they saw the capital in 2020 and even in 2050. Minsk will become a personality, the brand developers think:

“The city lives a full life in its unique and cognitive style. Minsk has its cuisine and a tradition in music and architecture. The blue and white strips have become the city’s visiting card.”  

Example of the visual style usage:

The authorities announced a contest for Minsk brand last June. They were ready to allocate 300 million roubles for it. The British company INSTID started developing the brand.

An alternative branding team was created after the first demonstration of the company’s ideas. The team have suggested over 40 ideas.


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Photo1: Advertising Minsk abroad the way the brand developers see it.

Photo: brandminsk.by