French physio died on Belarusian plane


The tragedy
occurred on March 15 when the capital was affected by the snowstorm Xavier. The
French Greco-Roman wrestling team was returning to Paris from Minsk on a "Belavia"

“Our plane was the last one allowed to take off
during the snowstorm. We had a hard take-off, the plane was shaking,"
a witness said. "It was clear that the man felt unwell before
the boarding. He was being helped while getting off the bus and boarding. He
felt even worse in the air and went to the WC a few times. He kept leaning against
the seats while walking.

The coach ran up to the WC just before the
landing in Paris. He called the other sportsmen. Something had happened.  


It was time to land and the stewardesses asked everyone
to take their seats and to leave the WC. The toilet door was opened by force
and he was laid in the aisle. I do not know whether he was dead or it could still
be helped. One of the passengers was a doctor and he came to help. The stewardesses
kept looking for an oxygen mask and could not find any. The loudspeaker was
telling them: "Look here, look there." They found a mask after a dozen
attempts. But then they started looking for an oxygen flask. He had stopped breathing
and needed an oxygen cushion. There was no equipment on board. When the plane
landed in the airport Charles de Gaulles, local doctors had already been waiting
for it. But it was too late."

Euroradio: Do you think that they spent too much
time looking for resuscitation equipment?

Witness: “I think that they failed to administer first
aid. And they did not have the equipment. I took a plane to Vienna a week
later. It was a "Belavia" flight but the crew were foreign. A young
man had an epileptic fit and the stewardesses were just as helpless."

therapist  Philippe Gangloff had worked with the French team for over 10 years.
He had health problems and the team knew about it. Philippe felt bad a few days
before his death in "Staiki". But the man though that it would be okay
and decided to go home.

Gangloff's tragic death (to the left) shocked French wrestlers. He was a high-class
specialist and was allowed to work with the team regardless of his health problems.

 “He died
five minutes before the landing. He had a heart attack. He had health problems before.
And he was a diabetic,"
Belarusian Greco-Roman wrestling team coach Alyaksandr Kazouski said.

Euroradio: Why did the French take him with
them to "Staiki" if he was ill?

Alyaksandr Kazouski: “He
felt fine when he arrived. But his health condition deteriorated in the last few
days. He did not ask for medical assistance although his insurance allowed it."

has not commented on the French doctor's death. But the information is not
secret, the company stressed. "Belavia" has promised to answer whether
first aid equipment is available on its planes within the next few days.     

Photo:  French Wrestling Federation archives