Franck Muller and Luch: 3 watches produced in 2 years


Minsk watch plant and its new owner, Swiss company
Franck Muller, have produced only 3 models of watches in two years. They are not
available in shops at the moment.

The new watches
look very solid but I was impressed by watches with open mechanisms. They
resembled Swiss watches produced by Franck Muller a lot.

"We buy
the details and assemble them,"
an employee of the watch plant said.

The "joint"
watches cost about 270 dollars.

By the way,
Luch buys all mechanisms now. It produces about 2 thousand types of watches and
there are no Belarusian mechanisms in them.

Franck Muller and Luch have produced only three models in two years! The Swiss own 80% of the shares. The
foreigners have installed its old equipment there ... for money. The employees'
wages have hardly changed and they can only afford one "joint" watch
if they decide to spend the whole wage on it.

Here are the
watches assembled in the time of the old owner. All of them are mechanical with
an automatic winding mechanism.