Belarusbank: Only 2% of housing loans are not low-interest


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Economists think that the majority of them do not even know how they will pay.

“Credits are mostly allocated to citizens
who are in need of improving their living conditions. They get the majority of
loans", - explains "Belarusbank".

According to Euroradio's calculations,
"Belarusbank" gave credits for 140 billion roubles in the first eight
months of the year.

98% of people took low-interest loans and
only 2% will pay the full interest rate of 33.3%.

"Belagroprombank" gave housing
credits for 6 billion roubles in the first 8 months of the year. Half of the loans
were taken by families who needed to improve their living conditions. The interest
rate was 25%!

It is strange because even if the interest
rate is 17%, the sum turns out to be very impressive.

You can take a loan of 100 million roubles
and will have to pay this sum plus 200 million roubles! A family having many
children will have to spend at least half of their income on it.

Economist Syarhei Chaly has expressed his
opinion about the way the population is going to pay.

“Do you
think that most of them have already thought about the way to pay? You can understand
that the interest rate is huge at first glance".

The economist thinks that those who have
taken such loans simply do not believe in the strength of the Belarusian

“Some people's wages are tied to the dollar
exchange rate. If the rouble gets devalued they will benefit from it".

By the way, almost 300 thousand people
needed to improve their living conditions in Minsk at the end of 2011, informs