American Marines eat cobras, scorpions and live roosters at Cobra Gold

Soldiers from seven countries, Thailand, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are participating in Cobra Gold 2013, a joint, multi-national military training exercise. The soldiers are taught to find way in the woods, defend from dangerous plants and animals, build accommodation of wood and leaves, and find food quickly. Poisonous snakes and insects are used as food, and no fire must be made - the enemies might see it!

The caught cobra should be cut its head off at once in order not to poison. Fresh blood of a cobra is most nutritious for a human body. One snake is enough for several hours!



The first Cobra Gold exercise took place in 1980. This year it is held for the 32nd time. More than 13 thousand military men from 7 countries take part in it.


Photo: Reuters, AFP.