Actions of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners all over world

Youth activists have conducted traditional solidarity actions in different towns and cities of Belarus on February 16. The organizers of the actions focused the public's attention on those who suffered after the election on December 19.

An action of solidarity with political prisoners took place on February 16 in Minsk. The action was participated by the activists of the "European Belarus" civil campaign. 

The action took place on the balcony of the "October" cinema, which is located in the front part of the building. The activists held a streamer saying "Release Political Prisoners!" and the portaraits of those who were imprisoned at the moment. According to the "European Belarus" web-site, passers-by thanked the activists and took pictures of the action. 

The activists of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth!" and the initiative "Square-2010" from Homel have disseminated more than a thousand of informational materials about the events which took place on December 19 in Minsk and the political repressions afterwards - at the bus stops, residential buildings' areas, and among students. They also glued the portraits of Paval Sieviarynyets, Aliaksandr Fiaduta, Mikalaj Statkevich and other opposition politicians all over the city.

An action of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners took place also in Vilnius on February 16. Among the participants of the action there were activists of presidential candidates' HQs, representatives of the Belarusian diaspore, EHU students, students of Lithuanian higher educational establishments.

In Moscow, the activists of the human rights organization Amnesty International have declared their solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners near the Belarusian Embassy. They have conducted a picket with a demand to release all the December 19 detainees. 

A peaceful action of solidarity with the relatives and friends of missing Yury Zaharanka, Victar Hanchar, Anatol Krasouski, Zmitser Zavadski, numerous political prisoners and all the victims of “the last European dictatorship” traditionally took place near the Belarusian Embassy in the Hague. The action is organized by the local initiative “We remember”.

In Warsaw, the participants of the solidarity action handed out leaflets about the situation in Belarus, and also informed that Belarus asked for support, loudly, through a megaphone. 

A wall constructed under the freezing-cold wind, which symbolized the walls of the cells where Belarusian political prisoners are kept, has been demolished. After this, the participants of the action marched across the center of Warsaw under white-red-white flags.