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Red paint splashed on Lenin monument in Mahilou


An unknown offender splashed red paint on the Lenin monument near the Kirov Plant's Culture Center on the night of April 22. He or she also left behind an inscription on the monument that read "He killed millions of people", according to reports on social media.

In the morning of Saturday, the district was sealed off by the police, with officers interviewing local residents in an attempt to find a witness. Several hours laters, workers employed a lift to remove the red paint from the monument, reports Radio Svaboda.

One day before, a similar incident happened in Brest. An unknown man threw two jars with red paint at a Lenin monument and left. The police used a service dog to find the offender but the dog lost his footprints at the entrance to a park.

April 22 was the day when the leader of Bolshevik Party in Russia Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) was born.