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'Russian World' supporter allegedly gets attacked in Minsk

Siarhei Lanavenka wearing a ‘DNR’ T-shirt in Minsk. Photo: Vkontakte.

The 'Russian World’ supporter Syarhei Lanavenka has been beaten in Minsk again, Artsyom Ahafonau, co-founder of the pro-Russia movement “Civil Agreement” claimed. This movement demands ‘to bring back the Russian language to Minsk Streets’, etc.

“I have recorded an interview with Syarhei Lanavenka. He was attacked again yesterday,” Ahafonau wrote on Facebook on the evening of July 30.

Lanavenka was severely beaten in the southeast of Minsk on June 21, his adherents reported the other day. The activist was wearing a T-shirt with the symbols of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” – it was the reason for the attack, they said:

“He has a concussion, his eye socket is broken, a splinter is close to his brain so he may need to undergo an operation. The police refused to start a criminal case at first but they suddenly changed their mind and sent the case to the Investigation Committee yesterday.”

The information reached mass media. The information agency Regnum wrote about it and the news was distributed by other Russian mass media later. For instance, published the article “‘Bandera’ activists beat man wearing DNR T-shirt in Byelorussia”.

Meanwhile, neither Minsk police nor the Investigation Committee are aware of the beating, Euroradio found out.

Syarhei Lanavenka was first mentioned at the beginning of February 2017 when the Russian World amateurs organized an unauthorized picket in Minsk Independence Square. Six people took part in the picket. One of them was holding a Russian flag. Each picketer was fined for 690 roubels for violating the order of the organization of mass events.