President of “Microsoft” visits his ancestors’ homeland – Pinsk


The president and director general of the “Microsoft” company Steve Ballmer has visited Pinsk – the home town of his maternal great-grandfather and grandfather.
According to the head of Pinsk Jewish community Josef Liberman who accompanied Ballmer, the businessman arrived in Pinsk with his sister. The trip was organised as a present for her 50th birthday.

The unofficial visit of the president of “Microsoft” to Belarus lasted for one day – October 25. Ballmer and his sister visited places connected with the Jewish history of Pinsk and visited an exposition of Jewish painters.

A local historian showed the famous guest the place where his great-grandfather was buried at the city Jewish cemetery. Steve Ballmer and his sister also saw the building of the bakery that used to belong to his uncle.

Ballmer visited Pinsk synagogue and talked to Rabbi Mashe Fima. He lit candles in memory of his dead ancestors.