Potatoes become 4,5 times more expensive in comparison with 2012

There are not many places where they sell blackberries in the Kamarouski market so far - the demand is not high. Blackberry is one of the most expensive berries by now - Br 60 thousand per kilo (the prices are indicated as on June 19).

"I've sold 200 g. However, this is the first day I sell them, and I put the berries quite far," - the saleswoman tells about her modest happiness. She has a moderate box of blackberries.

It's cheaper to buy blackberries from the elderly people who sell them in jars and measure in liters.

"Br 14 thousand per half a liter, 28 thousand per liter," - an elderly man offers blackberries.

A half-a-liter jar contains 350 g, so it makes Br 40 thousand per kilo. Besides, last year a kilo of blackberries was 25-30 thousand during the season.

"It's cheaper to buy a bucket that in jars. A bucket contains 7 jars. Jars are more expensive," - a saleswoman advertises wild strawberries. She asks Br 150 thousand for a 5-liter bucket, and Br 35 thousand for a half-liter jar. Let's buy a bucket!

New Belarusian potatoes have already appeared!

"These potatoes come from Slutsk. We dug them yesterday," - the salesman scrubs a potato to show that it's skin comes off easily, so that the potato is really new.

The price is Br 12-14 thousand per kilo. The Ukrainian new potatoes are also presented at the market: they are bigger and more expensive than the Belarusian ones - Br 16 thousand per kilo.

Last year, a kilo of new potatoes was Br 2500-4000, and today they sell the smallest for Br 10-11 thousand.

The sellers promise that the price for potatoes will drop, but later. This year there were floods and later spring, and this affected the harvest.

However, the long winter did not affect the harvest of strawberries. There are lots of them this summer! The prices start at Br 10-12 thousand per kilo (sometimes even Br 5000-8000!), while the best berries are sold by Br 25-35 thousand.

"People buy strawberries very well - I have 8 boxes now, and I had 19!" the saleswoman says. The prices for strawberries decreased by more than a half in two weeks. The first strawberries from Poland and Greece were sold for Br 40 thousand, from Brest - for Br 35 thousand. The people buy strawberries in buckets and boxes.

As for sweet cherry, sold by most sellers for Br 30 thousand per kilo two weeks ago, it's price for now is Br 35-37 thousand, although it is still possible to find it for Br 30 thousand per kilo. In comparison with the last year, sweet cherries got more expensive, from Br 20 thousand till Br 35 thousand per kilo.
First water-melons started appearing at the Kamarouski market - Br 20 thousand per kilo. However, there are not many buyers for them.

"These chanterelles are from Pukhavichy district, just see how small they are, many of them get in a jar," - a woman shows small chanterelles. However, I am a little frightened by the price: Br 25 thousand for a 170 g jar (last year it was Br 15 thousand). 

So, a kilo of chanterelles will be Br 150 thousand!
Green grocery is not expensive - a bunch of dill or parsley is Br 5 thousand, but it is cheaper to buy from the people - then it will cost you Br 3 thousand. 

The most beneficial in the economic sense is to buy cucumbers and cabbage. A kilo of cucumbers from Pinsk is Br 6 thousand, cabbage - Br 9-10 thousand. As for tomatoes, they haven't got cheaper - Br 14-18 thousand in average.
Table. Average prices for vegetables and fruit at the Kamarouski market (June 19)

Price for the product at the Kamarouski market, Br


over 15 000


over 6000


over 10 000 (small)


26-29 000


over 25000 (170 g)


over 15 000 (0,5 l)


10-35 000

Sweet cherries

over 30 000

Wild strawberries

over 35 000 (0,5 l)


over 14000