Political prisoner Dzyadok cuts his abdomen and arms

Political prisoner Mikalai Dzyadok has cut his abdomen and arms. This happened already on May 20. Mr Dzyadok was then temporarily placed in the medical unit, the website spring96.org reports.

It is noted that in two weeks spent in the colony, political prisoner Mikalay Dzyadok got 4 penalties and was twice put in a special cell.

On May 12, Mikalai Dzyadok was transferred to a new place of punishment - colony PK-9 in Horki. And the next day, on May 13, he was placed in solitary confinement, where he spent 5 days. Literally the next day, on May 19, he was sent to the solitary punishment cell. Because of the very low temperature, Mr Dzyadok suffered throughout the night and asked to be transferred to another room.

To draw attention of the duty officers at the cooler, on the morning of May 20, Mr Dzyadok cut his abdomen and hands, and then was placed in the medical unit. After receiving first aid, Mr Dzyadok was re-sent to the same cold cell.

Mikalai Dzyadok served 4.5 years in prison for alleged hooliganism on official buildings and was to be released on March 3, 2015. However, on February 26, the court of Leninsky district of Mahiliou sentenced the political prisoner under article "willful disobedience to the demands of administration" to 1 year of imprisonment in a penal colony. On April 30, the appeal court left the sentence in force.

Photo: ria.ru, statkevich.org