Police insist officers are entitled to free rides


Police officers in Belarus remain entitled to free rides in the public transport, despite the abolition of social benefits, the European Radio for Belarus has learned. A relevant notice from the Interior Ministry's legal department was circulated amongst police departments across the nation. The European Radio for Belarus has a copy of the document that says that police have no social benefits. At the same time, policemen on duty are still entitled to free rides in the public transport (taxi excluded) across the country, under a 1995 presidential decree

The Ministry fo Labor and Social Security drafted a decree which would invalidate the previous 1995 laws.

However, Alexander Lukashenka has delayed to sign this decree, thus allowing police officers to use the public transport free of charge.

“I have not seen this document yet", said Aleh Slepchanka, a deputy head of information and public relations at the Interior Ministry. He insists that he also buys tickets for a ride in public buses.

He believes that the rest of his colleagues have remained without benefits. He admits that some old decrees have not been invalidated yet, but the situation is going to settle soon.