In Pictures: Storm of Maidan and Kyiv city council

Barricades blocked the way for Berkut fighters, who destroyed them by any means

Berkut started demolishing the tents when they got to Maidan

The police set the barricades on fire, trying to chase the protesters away

Up to three thousand policemen participated in Maidan storm

Berkut used force, although with no batons

The number of protesters grew throughout the night, people arrived from all Kyiv districts

The authorities used tear gas and smoke pellets

Communal services took the remnants of tents and barricades away

Berkut failed to force all the protesters away. In the daytime, they left the square due to the great number of protesters.

Berkut at the place where the protesters used to be

At about 9 a.m., Berkut attempted to storm the Kyiv city council building, occupied by the revolutionaries

However, the demonstrators seized a police bus

At a certain moment, the police were in danger

One of their buses was set on fire

After half an hour of failed storm, the police left the building