Participants of car accident near Minsk refute driving inspectorate’s explanation

Victims of the “special operation” of the driving inspectorate aimed at catching a drunken driver are shocked by the official version of the incident. They refute it and say that driving inspectors deliberately put their cars on the road to create an obstacle. Everyone was shown their lane. Let us remind you that driving inspectors detained a driver who had been running away from them starting from Slutsk. It happened in the 8th kilometre of the highway Minsk-Mikashevichy on March 2. Policemen created an obstacle with the help of people’s private cars to stop the runaway.

The deputy head of the republican driving inspectorate Ihar Vanitski announced the official version of the incident yesterday. According to him, police cars were moving towards the runaway with their blinkers turned on. Drivers of private cars stopped when they noticed them. However, they did not move to the roadside for some reason, as they should have done according to road laws, they remained in their lanes.

That is how a victim of the driving inspectorate’s “special operation” Yury Pashkevich commented on the words of the deputy head of the republican driving inspectorate in his interview with ERB.

Yuryi Pashkevіch: “When we approached them, police cars were already standing on the road side with their blinkers turned off near the turning to Kalodzishchy. A black BMW was standing in the first lane and Alena Kalpakova’s Toyota RAV4 was in the third lane. They were already there at the moment I approached. I was driving along the fourth lane and an inspector stopped me with his staff. According to the road laws, I had to move to the right side lane. I started moving there but he showed me to the second lane and ordered to stop there”.

ERB: “Did the inspector really show you where to stop?”

Yury Pashkevіch: “He clearly showed me where to go and stop – it was between the BMW and Toyota RAV4. I was shocked when I heard that comment! Why didn’t they allow us to move to the right side lane if they were really moving in the opposite direction with their blinkers turned on? What kind of traffic control is that when 4 people cannot understand where to go? They can disperse a crowd at a square in a few seconds if necessary, so how did they fail to disperse four cars?”

ERB: “Did the inspector approach you when you stopped, did he say anything or introduce himself?”

Yury Pashkevіch: “Nothing of the kind. I tried to leave my car, so I opened the door but he only told me to stay where I was”.

ERB: “Did you say anything to him, did you ask why you had been stopped and what your violation was?”

Yury Pashkevіch: “No. I was only surprised at that fact that our 4 cars were standing on the road. Usually, if there is a check-up or a raid, everyone has to move to the right side lane. Then they usually start conducting the check-up after havening introduced themselves and explaining the reasons for stopping us. But we were simply made to stand in a row without any explanations. That was it. 30 or 40 seconds later, when I had just started distinguishing what was going on around us and shared my embarrassment with my wife, I saw inspectors running away in all directions. Then I understood why they had put us there”.

ERB: “Did you notice what happened to the runaway and his passengers?”

Yury Pashkevіch: “I was unconscious when they were taking me out of my car (the door of Yury Pashkevich’s car got blocked in the clash – editorial staff). I was in the same car with him when doctors were conducting a check-up. I did not know it was him. He started coming to his senses and said his name was Roma. I have not seen the other guy and two girls”.

ERB: “Do you communicate with other victims?”

Yury Pashkevіch: “I communicate with Alyaksey more or less. But Alena… She is so shocked and it was such a great stress for her. She does not go anywhere. The person suffered from a nervous breakdown and she is constantly visiting the psychiatrist. There is something serous about her”.

Alena Kalpakova said that she was trying to move to the side lane from the third one but a driving inspector ordered her to stop in an interview with “Express-Novosti”. However, the inspector ordered her to stay in her lane.

Photo by: Auto-Business Weekly