“Our Home” campaign suggests changing law “On Amnesty”

Activists of a civil campaign “Our Home” have sent electors’ requests to add 27 amendments to the law “On Amnesty” in connection with the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from fascist invaders to Homel deputies of the House of Representatives.

The project notes that women serving sentences for certain crimes can be amnestied while men serving the same sentences are treated selectively. A human rights activist Valery Shchukin has informed that activists of the campaign have prepared amendments according to which men and women should be treated the same way. 

In V.Shchukin’s opinion, convicts should be amnestied without any restriction. Juvenile delinquents sent to special technical colleges instead of prison are a fundamental issue. V.Shchukin noted that they are not mentioned at all while he is sure that children should be amnestied in the first place.