Organic Family thinks progressive! (photo)


A promo band Organic Family has presented
its style “unique tribal groove” for the first time. A super famous Moscower
has helped them. Who it was? See below… The main guest of the party was DJ
Pozitron, organizer of “Planetarium” events in Russia. Pozitron plays in different
styles. He immediately recalled seven of them.

Pozitron: progressive electro, progressive, minimal
progressive, tribal, groove, breaks, chill-out. To cut it short, the musical
styles are different. Everything depends on the listeners and the party.

The guest
from Moscow
presented “progressive tribal groove” during the Saturday performance. By the
way, there is only one Minsk DJ working with this style and nobody managed to
think of his name.

organizers explained to ERB what Planetarium was like and why Minsk was interested in it.  

Organic Family: They have a very interesting
project – a series of parties across Russia  - “Planetarium”. They have already visited all
big cities. We met the guys and decided to organize the festival here so that
it would become international.

Яшчэ варта заўважыць магічнае пераўвасабленне клубаў, калі за справу бяруцца “арганікі”: усе сцэны былі абвешаныя палотнамі, фракталамі і планетамі. Як заўсёды, можна было пачаставаць гарбату ў чылаўт зоне.

The magic transformation
of the clubs “the organics” deal with is also worth mentioning: all the scenes were
decorated with canvases, fractals and planets. As usual, tea was served in the
chill-out zone.

The guest
from Moscow
shared his impressions.

Pozitron: I think everything is good here: nice people,
wonderful music and DJs. And the friends organizing this event are also kind
and beautiful.

I asked to
compare Moscow
events to the Belarusian event. Of course, we do not have the things available
in Moscow.
However, Moscow also lacks something Minsk has – atmosphere,
moral fibre and lack of commercialization.  It can be proved by Moscowers!

Pozitron: In comparison with Moscow, people are different and the
atmosphere is cozier and friendlier. Moscow
is big and there are many different people. Everything is turned into commerce.
Different people come and spoil the atmosphere. However, there are good events
suiting the format too.

ERB also
asked Organic Family about their plans for the future. We can tell you that the
next event may be organized in a forest.

Organic Family: We are going to organize one more
party in a club on April 25 here. But if the weather is good, we will go to the
forest. We will combine the style and parties of “Prone” and “Planetarium”. Probably
it will be two days in the open air and people will be able to forget about the
city and listen to music.

Photographer: Tarantino