Olympic contenders offer medals for sex and burn furniture


The American sports TV channel ESPN has interviewed sportsmen in the Olympic village. Three women ‘visited’ American javelin thrower Breaux Greer during the Olympics in 2000: two sportswomen and one ‘civilian’.

About 70-75% of Olympic sportsmen have sex during the Olympics, American swimmer Ryan Lochte said. And they have enough alcohol too. Euroradio decided to ask Belarusian sportsmen about their leisure time during the Olympics.

Six sportsmen from Germany, Canada and Austria had an orgy in the swimming pool of a villa situated outside the Olympic village in 2010.

American football player Hope Solo witnessed sex romps everywhere – in the streets, on the lawns, etc.

Two German bobsledders offered her their gold medals in return to group sex at the Olympics in 1994, alpine skier Carrie Sheinberg recalled. But she refused them and said that he preferred Tommy Moe’s medal.

Another group of Australian sportsmen made a fire and burnt some of the furniture in the Olympic village at the closing ceremony in Sidney.

Teenagers also catch up with adults. 16-year old gymnast Shawnee Johnson and 18-year-old racing cyclist Taylor Phinney had a love affair in Beijing. Phinney presented Snickers chocolate bars to the girl and then the couple were noticed kissing.

A Soviet diver has a love affair with his teammate at the Olympics in 1976, 16-year-old diver Greg Louganis said.

Most sportsmen are tipsy at the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

“I am not sure about everyone, but weaker countries usually come to the Games to have fun – they have dance parties at the end of the closing ceremony. If you come to uphold your country’s honour, you have no time for such things,” Beijing Olympics weightlifting gold medal winner Andrei Aramnau said.

He compared sportsmen to soldiers who could not afford relaxation. However, when you are done, you may feel romance in the air sometimes, he admitted.

Beijing ‘gold’ putter Yanina Pravalinskaya-Karolchyk was surprised to hear our questions about Olympic parties. Athletes need concentration to reach their goals. And you cannot have parties in the Olympic village as you need to respect your teammates who may be getting ready for competitions, she said. However, the younger sportsmen may “express themselves” once in a while.

Yanina Pravalinskaya-Karolchyk: “People usually celebrate their victories somehow. But the youth may overdo it sometimes. It would be a shame if the bosses and officials saw it.”

Our hockey players did not violate the rules at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, head of our hockey team Mikhail Zaharau said.

“I have never heard about it before. I doubt it could happen: drinking and so on. People come to the Olympics to win. It could happen in some other teams, but I did not see anything like that in ours.”

Why do the organizers buy 100 thousand condoms for sportsmen and hockey players then? Mikhail Zaharau recalled something like this at the Olympics in Japan and said that it could be an advertising trick.

You have no time for anything else but competitions, London Olympic participant Melita Stanyuta said. It is very true for her kind of sport - rhythmic gymnastics – as the competitions are usually held right before the closing ceremony. Why are condoms bought then? She laughed:

I dont know. Maybe you have chosen the wrong kind of sport for such questions.”

We tried calling Vasilisa Marzalyuk who was close to winning a bronze medal in wrestling  in London.

Vasilisa Marzalyuk: “I do not know. I was too focused on the Olympic Games to pay attention to such things. We left the day after the competition so we had no time for it (laughs).”

There are many sportsmen whose life is interesting enough and who do not need to play the field in the Olympic village.

Photo: businessinsider.com, BELTA