Belarus TV to keep Novikau as staff


The show Human Rights–World Outlook was cancelled on October 27, its notorious host and presenter Yauhen Novikau said earlier.

Belarus State TV spokesperson Svyatlana Smalonskaya-Krasouskaya told Euroradio that the company had asked Novikau to create a new program.  

Smalonskaya-Krasouskaya: "Yauhen Novikau still works for the company. The program Human Rights: World Outlook will no longer be broadcast on Belarus 24. It is a normal thing that any TV project gets closed sooner or later unless it is a news program.”

Novikau’s program was over 10 years old.

Ukraine’s National Television and Radio Council announced that Belarus-24 satellite TV channel could be banned in Ukraine due to anti-Ukrainian propaganda, reports. Propaganda was spotted in Novikau's Human Rights - World Outloook.

However, the refusal from the program is not connected with it, Smalonskaya-Krasouskaya said. Belarus 24 will be broadcast in Ukraine and the contract has not been cancelled yet.