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NN: Former DPM wrote about moula, chicks at Lukashenka’s meeting

Uladzimir Drazhyn. Photo:

On 18 December, Aliaksandr Lukashenka gathered a meeting focused on the development of summer sports in Belarus, Euroradio reported earlier. During a video broadcast by ONT TV, the cameraman captured one of the officials in the meeting writing the following words in his notes: “No moula, no Mercedes cars, chicks in the…”

Having analysed the videos made by other TV channels, journalists concluded that the official in the video was Uladzimir Drazhyn, former vice PM (2001–2005) and former Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania (2006–2013). Currently, he heads the Belarus Golf Federation.

When the journalists called him to ask what the sentence he was writing was supposed to end with, Drazhyn declined to elucidate and dodged the question. 

“I was at a meeting where we were discussing serious issues that our society, sportsmen and coaches are worrying about. I am not going to reply to some of your today’s questions because the main thing is the creative process we need to organize.” 

“Let us stick to this line. I am not going to react to these question today, I wish you luck and all the best,” he added at the end of the conversation.