New Year can be celebrated on a bicycle near Central New Year’s Tree


New Year’s Day is a traditional holiday. However, not everyone prefers celebrating it with the family. ERB decided to find out how to make New Year’s Day an unusual holiday. We turned to event agencies dealing with organization of holidays with this question.
The event-manager of an art group “On the brink” Iryna thinks that New Year will be successful if you prepare for it in advance:

“The best way is to organize your own fancy-dress ball. To make this holiday fun and to spend it in the best possible way you should prepare for it. People will chose their masks themselves or make them. Their feelings dedicated to the process of choosing will influence the atmosphere of your holiday a lot. Let them invent some contests; for example, chose the best costume or mask”.

If you are too lazy to get ready on your own, you can simply phone specialists and they will suggest you ideas for an unusual celebration”:

Iryna: “We offer unusual party programmes. They think that everything is made to suit a certain style, for example, the Hawaiian style. It means that Hawaiian music will be played there, Hawaiian dancers will perform for you, singers will sing Hawaiian songs and contests will be in a Hawaiian style too. The organizers will be wearing Hawaiian clothes”.

A psychologist Katsyryna Karyuskaya dealing with the organization of holidays shared her own experience about the celebration of New Year’s Day with ERB:

“We celebrated the New Year 2000 at a square on bicycles. So we met at Kastrychnitskaya Square and rode to all other New Year’s Trees by bicycle. There were about 20 or 30 people there in 2000. There were much more people in 2001. Now it is a city tradition. So we were the pioneers”.

However, the “Andrasmedia” agency gave us the most original advice on celebrating New Year’s Day:

“Don’t drink”.

In any case, the way you will celebrate New Year’s Day depends on you.