Nasha Niva author dies in Pakistan on her birthday

According to Nasha Niva, the car with the Belarusians and their Ukrainian companion aboard turned upside down and fell from the precipice near the city of Gilgit on September 29. The Ukrainian managed to jump out of the car, but the Belarusians died, piled by the cargo.

Three pakistanis who were in the cabin also survived.

Ukrainian Olexander traveled by bike. He met the Belarusians at the Pakistani border. They planned to climb the mountains together on September 29. On that day, Katsiaryna turned 26. Alyaksei was 2 years younger.

Katsiaryna Bezmatsernykh was an author at Nasha Niva. Two years ago she graduated the Journalism Faculty of the Belarusian State University, worked in the Byarozka magazine. Katsiaryna took an active part in the movement for the civil and national rights of Belarusians, got arrested and detained.

The Belarusian Ministry for Foreign affairs is now solving the issue of transportation of the Belarusians' bodies back to the Homeland.

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