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Mothers of young Belarusians convicted over marijuana go on hunger strike

Image: Saudi Gazette

The mothers of youngsters convicted for smoking marijuana in Belarus have gone on an indefinite hunger strike, the leader of Mothers’ Movement 328 Larysa Zhyhar told Euroradio. They demand a meeting with President Lukashenka to discuss decriminalization of the violations associated with soft drugs.

"We have gone on an indefinite hunger strike. We have strikers and supporters from all over Belarus: Homiel, Mahilou, Zlobin, Mazyr – from everywhere. Four hunger-strikers are here now,” Larysa Zhyhar tells Euroradio. She is one of the mothers taking part in the hunger strike.

Larysa Zhyhar. Photo: Deutsche Welle.

The hunger strike is being held on private territory – in a village near Minsk. The participants have put up tents next to a field.


What must be done to stop the hunger strike?

"We demand a meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. We want him to hear out our opinion instead of listening to what officials and the Interior say. We will only stop the hunger strike if he or his representatives arrive. Or if they invite us to the discussion of the draft that is going to be adopted this session,” Larysa Zhyhar says. “Otherwise, we will continue the hunger strike. We do not want any more runarounds.” The women will only be drinking water during their hunger strike.