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Belarus protests: Minskers throw eggs at uninvited police

Minsk Kaskad quarter / telegram

On October 5, about 15 young people with spray paint came to the Kaskad quarter of Minsk to delete white-red-white symbols. They were accompanied by a minibus with armed security officials in balaclavas.

Their goal was to add green stripes and the inscription “For Belarus” over the white-red-white fence.

Now the fence looks like this / Telegram

"These 'artists,' mostly young girls, were not able to tell anyone who they are and why they paint over our fence. In fact, it was difficult to talk to them, they were guarded by security officials with weapons. After painting over the fence, this team went to another courtyard of the residential complex. They took off the ribbons, painted over the red stripes on the lanterns," says an eyewitness, a resident of Kaskad.

The concrete fence in the Kaskad often changes its appearance. It was repainted from white-red-white to gray and red-green, a swastika was painted on the fence, and insults were written against local residents. On October 5, the fence was white with a red stripe in the middle, and the inscription “Kaskad is power”.

This is how the fence looked before the artists arrived / Telegram

The Kaskad residents were not happy with the uninvited guests in the yard and started throwing eggs at the 'artists' and security officials. In response, people in balaclavas began to shine tactical flashlights at the windows of the residents and shout to them: “Come down here, let's talk!”

There were some arrests: the security forces took away two residents of Kaskad, who were filming what was happening.

"They have not yet been released, there will be a trial. The guys are being charged with petty hooliganism," says a resident of the quarter.