Minsk female singer to sue police over illegal detention

Мінская спявачка судзіцца з міліцыяй

Minsk's October District Court will consider Zhanna Brazouskaya’s case on January 28. The girl is a singer and is known as Zhanna Znakova.

The incident occurred on December 15, 2015, the human rights website Viasna reports. Men in plain clothes stopped Zhanna Brazouskaya in the street and asked her to follow them. The girl refused. They used physical force to push her into a car without identification signs.  She was being insulted all the way the girl said. She felt bad.


A report for disobedience to the police was drawn up against Brazouskaya in Minsk October District Department of the Interior. She is facing a fine now – from Br360 thousand to 9 million roubles (2-50 base amounts) or an administrative arrest. The girl spent about 7 hours at the police office.

Brazouskaya complained to October District Office of the Public Prosecutor, district investigation committee, security department of the MIA and the President’s Administration. She asked to cancel the report that she considered to be illegal.  The girl complained about the policemen’s actions – they had mistaken her for another person suspected of a law violation.