Minsk City Executive Committee allows manifestation and meeting in Loshytsa Ravin

Minsk City Executive Committee has allowed a manifestation and a meeting in Loshytsa Ravin on November 4. Mass execution of innocent people took place there in Stalin’s time.
One of the heads of the Conservative Christian Party – BNF Yuras Belenki informed ERB about it.

“It is a traditional manifestation organized every year since the truth about Loshytsa was revealed. The manifestation will start at 12 p.m. near the House of Culture of the worsted plant and end near the Cross of Torment in Loshytsa Ravin”.

According to historians, famous representatives of the local intellectual elite were shot in Lopshytsa Ravin although there are no documents proving it.

The action is dated for the Year of Commemoration of victims of political repressions announced by Belarusian democratic activists.