Minsk authorities do not allow Chernobyl Way in Kurapaty

Minsk authorities have allowed a manifestation towards the Park of Peoples’ Friendship appointed for Saturday, April 26.

One of the initiators of the action, BPF Party leader Alyaksei Yanukevich, told Euroradio (the other initiator is Maryna Homich from the BCD Party Steering Committee):

"Minsk City Executive Committee has decided to change our itinerary… Participants have been allowed to gather near the cinema house October at 4 p.m. and walk along Independence Avenue and Surhanau Street towards the Park of Peoples’ Friendship. The meeting will be held on the central stage from 5.30 p.m. until 6.30. p.m.”

Officials have not supported the idea of walking towards Kurapaty because the itinerary was close to state institutions which is forbidden, Yanukevich said.

By the way, two meetings may be held in Kurapaty on April 26 as Tatstsyana Novikava from Ecodom has also applied for a meeting there. If she is allowed to organize it, one meeting will segue into the other, Yanukevich said. 

Photo: bymedia.net