Who will remove Ministers’ air conditioners?


The Council of Ministers has forbidden installing air conditioners on the facades facing main streets and squares. Thus, you can neither install satellites nor air conditioners now. Euroradio has decided to count air conditioners on Minsk buildings.

I’m heading for the National Legal Information Centre in Bersan Street. It is near Independence Square. There are air conditioners on the side facing Myasnikou Street.

“Didn’t they mean satellite dishes? We settled it in the local executive committee. The air conditioners are at the back of the building. The rules were introduced long ago, maybe they are simply putting everything in order?” the National legal Information Centre noted.

But there are air conditioners right near the entrance to the Ministry of Communication and Informatization in Independence Square. And there are many.


“Isn’t it allowed?” the receptionist wondered. I was surprised at the reaction – ordinary citizens are not allowed to install air conditioners and the Ministries can do it.

There are almost 10 air conditioners on the facades of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.


“It is not our building. The building belongs to the President’s Administration. Everything you see on the facade is theirs,” the press service of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services replied.

The Ministry of Finance has nothing to do with it either. It is not their building and the air conditioners do not belong to the Ministry:

“They (the air conditioners. – Euroradio’s note) are everywhere. The building belongs to the President’s Administration. Everything is theirs. Do you understand that the air conditioner is for the Minister of Finance? Do you really think that we should remove it?” the Ministry of Finance said.

Euroradio: I though that all people were equal…

Ministry of Finance: “They are high-ranking officials. It is necessary to create good conditions for them Not all people are equal. There are Ministers and ordinary employees. Of course, it would be great to provide everyone with air conditioners.”

However, the Ministry of Finance is aware of the air conditioners installation rule:

“The rules were introduced long ago. Minsk City Executive Committee sent us the documents. But this building belongs to the President’s Administration. Do you understand that we cannot move the air conditioner to the back of the building because the Minister’s office is facing Soviet Street?” the Ministry was surprised at my ignorance.

The installation of all the air conditioners was allowed, the President’s Administration told Euroradio:

“The local authorities allowed the installation.”

Such discipline in economic activities can only make you happy. However, the issues were settled before the new rule was introduced, Minsk Moscow District administration said. If the air conditioners are not allowed – they will be removed.