Savchenko secretly visits Minsk to meet with ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ leaders - reports

Photo: UNIAN

Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko secretly visited Minsk on December 7. She met with leaders of the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitski in the Belarusian capital, Ukrainian mass media report.

The meeting in Minsk was organized by the Russian Federal Security Service, LIGA-net refers to unnamed sources. The Russian Embassy to Belarus is also said to have helped. Savchenko was discussing pressure exercised on the Ukrainian authorities so that they would agree on direct negotiations with ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ in the presence of FSB representatives, the website reported.

Savchenko took part in the conference dedicated to Donets Basin captives in Kiev on December 11, UNIAN reports. The politician refused to answer direct questions about the meeting in Minsk. Meanwhile, she wants to develop her personal political career, the VR member said not long ago.