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Man who ran out to pitch with white-red-white flag to stand trial again

Photo: Reuters

Alyaksandr Vyanherski who spent 10 days in jail for running out to the pitch with a white-red-white flag during BATE-Arsenal match will stand another trial, Radio Liberty reports.

The young man was supposed to be released at about 9 p.m. on October 8. Relatives arrived in Barysau to meet him but they were told that he had been transferred to Vileika and that he would stand a new trial there on Monday.


The charges brought against the 26-year-old activist are unknown. He may stand trial for taking part in September 8 street action in Minsk.

Vyanherski went on hunger strike in jail. He did it in support of all Belarusian political prisoners, he announced. The young man was also protesting against being accused of disobedience to the police.