Lyapis Trubetskoi cancels gig in flu-hit Ukraine


Mikhalok, the lead signer of the Belarusian rock bank Lyapis Trubetskoi, has
fallen sick with flu, says the band's official website.

Lyapis Trubetskoi continues its Kultprasvet tour, but it has canceled a gig at the Bingo club in Ukraine.


Yauhen Kalmykau, the band's producer, told ERB that the cancellation was not linked to flu, noting that Mikhalok keeps going to the swimming pool despite a high temperature.


"The Ukrainian organizers advised us to postpone the date till December. The matter is unclear because there is the possibility that we may not be able to travel to Russia after the gig. But we have very important dates in Moscow and Saint Petersburg on November 7 and 8."


Ukraine has imposed quarantine in response to a flu outbreak. All mass events have been banned in Kyiv.

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