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Lukashenka uses special support to shoot at biathlon competition

Screenshot from video

Alyaksandr Lukashenka used a strange support at the biathlon competition organized on Saturday, March 3. Viewers and mass media paid attention to it. 

Lukashenka had no choice but to use the appliance, biathlete and Olympic bronze medal winner Alyaksei Aidarau told ONT.

"Our President is very sporty and I have known him in sports for a long time. He has knee pain and they had to solve this problem somehow. They put a table, covered it with a mat, put a small bench on it and it was used as a support when shooting. It does not matter how to shoot, it is difficult in any position,” Aidarau said.

The other participants of the competition were shooting in the prone position.

Lukashenka scored 20 out of 20 points in the shooting, gymnast Kseniya Sankovich said.