Lukashenka offended by Israel’s accusation in anti-Semitism


Israel thinks that the problem caused Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s statements is settled. The deputy head of the Central Europe and Eurasia of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affaires Pini Avivi informed about it during a meeting with the editor-in-chief of “Sovetskaya Belorussiya” Pavel Yakubovich, reports an Israeli edition "Haaretz". Let us remind you that Yakubovich arrived in Israel last week. At a meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the country he claimed that the President’s words should be considered “a joke, something that was not serious” and added that “they did not reflect the real attitude to Jews”.

Yakubovich is sure that “Lukashenka’s words can be understood in various ways but not as anti-Semitic”. The editor-in-chief of “SB” also noted that the Belarusian President “was offended by such accusations”.

Let us remind you that Lukashenka noted at a meeting with Russian journalists in Minsk on October 12: “Have you ever been to Babruisk? Have you seen in what condition the town was? It was scary to enter it, it was a pigsty.

It was a Jewish town and you know how Jews treat the place they live in. Look at Israel, I have been there… I do not want to offend them but they do not care about the way grass is mown like in Moscow, like Russians and Belarusians do”.

The President’s words caused criticism of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affaires and the Jewish community.