Lukashenka invites Pope Francis to Belarus (video)


Minsk and Mahilyou archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich gave an Easter press conference on March 31. A lot of people expressed a desire to invite the pontiff to Belarus during the recent visit of Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, BELTA reports.

The cardinal was invited by the Belarusian authorities, the leader of Belarusian Catholics noted. The representative of the Vatican met the Belarusian President, Prime Minister, head of the Council of the Republic and the Minister for Foreign Affairs. All of them personally invited Pope Francis to Belarus, Kandrusevich said. There have never been so many invitations, the archbishop said.

However, representatives of the leading confession should invite the Pope to Belarus because it is indicated in the rules of the Vatican. This is the Orthodox Church in Belarus. Journalists asked whether it had to be an official invitation. “Nobody should be against it and it will be enough,” Kandrusevich replied.

The Vatican Secretary of State also met Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslauye, Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus Pavel during his visit.