Pope Francis

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The Pope would really like to come to Belarus, the head of the Belarusian Catholic Church says.

Pope Francis. Photo: Reuters

Belarus is not on Pope Francis' travel list in 2018, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz tells a Belarusian TV channel ONT.

Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. Photo: catholic.by

The Roman Catholic church leader hopes Pope Francis will come to Belarus during his visit to the Baltic states.

Photo: Reuters

The pontiff is planning to visit Lithuania next autumn. Will he also visit Belarus?

Pope Francis. Photo: AFP

Gábor Pintér says Pope Francis' visit to Belarus may happen ‘in the near future’.

The Belarusian President and the pontiff met in the Vatican on Saturday.

On May 21, the Vatican hosted a meeting of the head of Belarus and the pontiff. It lasted 40 minutes.

It will happen in the Vatican on April 20.

It will happen if Patriarch Kirill of Moscow gives his consent.