Lottery-tickets addicts detained in Homel


Homel police have detained youngsters who kept robbing lottery-tickets kiosks for the past two months.
The robbers turned out to be two 18-year-olds living in the regional centre. They were detained two hours after their ordinary try to rob a kiosk.

They stole 50 thousand BRB. However, the policemen who recognized the guys by a description detained them immediately. The robbers confessed that they had been stealing “Super-lottery” and “Your lottery” tickets not only in Navabelitski District of Homel.

They claimed that the only thing that interested them was the possibility to win some money. At the same time, they did not participate in the main drawing because they were afraid of being detained.

According to the police, there have been more than ten incidents like that. The young people stole about 150 tickets. A criminal case according to the article “robbery” has been started.