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Kobryn policeman stands trial for breaking villager’s leg

Screenshot from video report

Policeman Syarhei Kulyashou is standing trial in Kobryn, Belsat reports. The policeman beat him for no reason, the aggrieved person says.

59-year-old Anatol, inhabitant of Byarozna village, Kapyl District, was going back home from the funeral of his brother’s wife on March 18. He was 50 meters away from his house when a police car blocked the road. Policeman Kulyashou asked the villager to follow him to the police office. The man refused to go to the police. As a result, his leg was broken.

The policeman offered 700 dollars to Anatol to settle the issue, Brest journalist and blogger Syarhei Pyatruhin notes. However, the villager decided to sue the policeman.