How to survive in family where spouses' wages get delayed


On July 1, wage arrears of Belarusians totaled more than 411 billion rubles. Wages are delayed for a week or two, or even for months.

In agriculture, workers of the Slutsky slaughterhouse in the village Hresk received their salary only on July 8, but were supposed to get on the first. Volha has worked here since 2008, initially, she was an agronomist, but now she is a balance operator. Her husband drives a tractor in the same household.

"It has been a year since they first pushed the wages to the end of the month, and now they have started to delay paying them for even longer," says Volha. Previously, the salary came on time and was fairly high, and now it is  2-3 million rubles, her husband's salary is slightly higher - about four million rubles. For a family of four it is $400 or $100 each.

In the stable times, (ie - time of high salaries) Volha took a loan for the furniture. She spent 15 million rubles to furnish the kitchen and bought a refrigerator. If I knew that the wages could fall so much, I would have taken no loans!

"I took loans from two banks. In total about 10 million rubles. There was some promotional campaign, and the loan were given at a low percentage. I do not remember exactly, but somewhere around 25-30%. The monthly fee is about 1.6 million, plus we have to pay penalties, because receive our wages later," says the woman. Volha's credit history is ruined.

They also pay a penalty for utilities. It comes up at about 300 thousands plus penalties for late payments - and so from month to month. We are not able to save money for a rainy day. Volha has not been on vacation for a long time. Just like her husband Pyotr. Instead of going on summer vacation, they take the money.

"... And we work on. I used the compensation to get my daughter ready for college, " says Volha. The woman cannot quit her job, as it is impossible to find a new one in the village. Without the help from their parents, she would not know what to do.

"Parents run a household, so in the store we buy only bread. The rest is from the garden. If parents did not help, we would be at a loss," said Volha. Her parents have been getting their pensions without delay.