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Hotel prices in Minsk 30-40% down over two years


The prices in Minsk hotels, as compared to February 2015, fell by an average of 20% in euros. This is stated in the review of the consulting company Colliers International, the portal reports.

If we compare them with February 2014, prices fell by 27-41% in euros -- depending on the hotel category. Thus, they came to the prices in the European capitals nearby.

One of the reasons for this decline, according to experts, is the increasing competition between the hotels that operate in the same format. Starting from 2014, in Minsk appeared 17 new hotels, the supply grew 2.2 times.

Director of the Department for Consulting and Research of the Colliers International in Belarus Dzyanis Chatsverykou said that the low prices are also influenced by the season, when few guests come to Minsk. In addition, according to the expert, a number of hotels, especially the state owned ones, have eventually lowered their spendings, which also allowed them to lower the price a bit. Inflation in the ruble did not affect it, said Chatsverykou.

Incidentally, the average occupancy of hotels in Minsk amounted to only 41% this year.