To hold picket, one needs the police, ambulance and the janitor

The For Freedom movement was not allowed to picket in front of the Russian Embassy, because the girl would distract drivers. On this basis all the girls should be prevented from going out, especially in the summer! 

"They wrote us that the drivers will be distracted from adhering to the road code, it would distract the pedestrians and that we did not announce any measures for the conservation of public order,' says Artsiom Lyava, who, along with friends lodged several requests for pickets against the war in Ukraine. - Me and Alexander, since we participated in an unsanctioned rally in the spring, were basically denied the right to organize rallies. It is some sort of discrimination in law. Since we broke the rules, we were not able to initiate the action for a year."

At first it is hard to believe. But the law on mass events actually says that if you were convicted of participating in an unsanctioned event, you  did not have the right to organize even single pickets. That's how the law restricts the right spelled out in the Constitution. 

"Those who violate the order of organizing and holding mass events within one year after the imposition of an administrative penalty for such violation can not act as organizers of mass events." 

Forget the Constitution! In Belarus this right is limited also by the decisions of executive committees. It turns out that in the 42 cities of Belarus there are decisions of the executive committees, which together with the application for holding a picket must be submitted to the police, ambulance service and the utilities department. And then a vicious circle. 

"Police asked first the resolution of the executive committee, and health care service refers to the fact that they cannot handle these events. Orsha oficials told us that in the registry, approved by the ministry, there is no such service - service pickets and rallies. Vitebsk authorities did not allow any picket and meetings for  5 years," said a member of the For Freedom movement from Vitebsk Khrystafor Zhalyapau. 

Even to hold picket, we need all of these papers saying...

"That the police will protect me, I will stand next to the ambulance, and the utility services will come clean after me." 

Hanna from Magileu together with her future husband wanted to have a lot of balloons around the registry office to make a beautiful wedding video. The bride and groom began to collect "extras" through social networks, but they were told that they required permission from the Executive Committee. 

"I received an official letter in my name, that yes, we will allow that, but the procedure and cleanliness will depend on you. And that means that we have to write a statement to the police asking for a police team and pay for it. We did not do it, because did not have time. "

It turns out that you can get permission even without signing agreements with the police, community services and ambulance. But you still need to pay for their services. Shame!