Haya Street tragedy culprit announced mentally ill


Minsk City Court has pronounced a sentence to Eduard Shalkevich who stabbed his family with a knife and deliberately collided with a car in Haya Street. Two people were killed in the road accident.

The court has announced the man mentally ill and he has been exempt from punishment. The Minsker is undergoing treatment in hospital now.

He will have to pay Br710 million to the relatives of the couple killed in the car crash. The man’s accounts and property have been arrested.  They will be used to pay the compensation.

The tragedy occurred on November 8, 2014. The man stabbed his wife and two small children with a knife and then deliberately collided with a car in Haya Street, Minsk. Two people were killed and several cars were damaged.

The culprit was not present at the hearing in court because he is undergoing treatment now. His wife did not ask for any compensation.