Hanna Bond: No need to revise Miss Misnk 2013 results

Hanna Bond sent an SMS of support after the scandal started, the boyfriend of the new Miss Minsk told Kamsamolskaya Pravda.

"It is true,” Hanna Bond told Euroradio. “I think that people need support in certain difficult situations… The society has let the dog off the chain… I do not know people who have never made any mistakes in their life. She may reconsider her deeds and change her behaviour. Maria Magdalena spent her late years with Jesus Christ regardless of her previous amoral life style. I do not like judging people and have never condemned anyone’s behaviour unless they killed someone or something like that.”

There is no need to reconsider the results of the contest, but it is possible to reconsider the terms, Hanna Bond thinks.

Hanna Bond: “American girls sign documents saying that they have never participated in nude photo sessions. The responsibility is laid on the girls. If such facts are revealed, the girls will have to pay a huge fine. That is why they should try to remember whether they did it or not. However, I think that any person has something to hide. The facts get revealed quickly because of social networks. My attitude is philosophical. If some people get mad at a 20-year-old girl for such actions… They should look at themselves and accept the situation. Everyone should grow up and the society is no exception.”

The photos have appeared in social networks for a reason, Hanna thinks. She can see women's revenge in it.

Hanna Bond: “Women are very insidious especially when it comes to beautiful girls.”