Miss Minsk 2013 TV broadcast replaced by neutral concert


The show was replaced by a file program from 2010 showing the concert by composer Aleh Mouchan. It is yet to be known if Miss Minsk 2013 is to be screened on another day.

News broke on July 2 that the broadcast of the program was cancelled by CTV channel. Yet, Miss Minsk remained in the TV guide till the very last moment, fuleing speculations that the management of the channel would eventually change minde and screen the TV version of the scandalous contest.

The bueaty pageant grabbed media and public attention after risque photos of Miss Minsk 2013 winner Jana Kancavenka were spotted on the internet. More pictures followed later depicting runners-up and contenders as professional striptease and go-go dancers at Minsk night clubs.

On July 5, Jana Kancavenka was summoned to CTV, where she arrived on a cab. Media reports speculated that a meeting was held at CTV channel to decide whether Ms Kancavenka should be deprived of her Miss Minsk title or not. No official confirmation of this situation was available.