Handball: SKA Minsk wins Challenge Cup


Spartak Miranovich's side has picked the continental handball prize after winning the second leg against Luxemburg side Esch (SKA won the first leg 31:26).


The victorious squad included: Matskevich, Lapitski, Pdasinau; Pukhouski (9), Shylovich (5), Tsitou (5), LUkashuk (2), Kamarou (1), Haisa (4), Lukyanchuk, Krytski, Zaitsau (1), Kamyshyk (4), Kislyuk, Stralets (1).

SKA Minsk's Barys Pukhouski is tournament's best scorers with 92 goals.

SKA won European Champions' Cup three times in the histoy of the Belarusian club in 1987, 1989 and 1990. The Minsk side also won Cup Holders' Cup in 1983, 1988. SKA reached the final of European Handball League Cup in 1992.