German ambassador: Official Minisk has a chance at European March

The normal staging of the European March on October 14 is in the interest of the Belarusian authorities, German Ambassador in Minsk Gebhard Weiss said in a statement, reports Belapan. The diplomat expressed hope that the peaceful nature of the rally "would prove that the both sides -- the opposition and the government -- found it important to follow the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus".

Gebhard Weiss also reminded that Alexander Lukashenka talked about the need of overcoming mistrust between Belarus and the West when accepting the German envoy's credentials.

“If the official Minsk wants to display that its deeds match the words, it has very imporetant and concrete opportunities for that," the German ambassador stressed.

Mr Weiss beleives that if the European March is conducted in a normal way, "positive reactions from the neighboring countries, Europe and the United States could be expected".