Former PEs become hospital attendants and PC operators


Minsk authorities have found placement for every seventh seller fired by private entrepreneurs. The others will have to study and survive on the welfare of 70 thousands per month. ERB has found out that there are only 511 vacancies of sellers for the future 3.5 thousand jobless people that will appear in 2 weeks. There is no placement for the others …

Let us remind you that private entrepreneurs will have to stop working with hired employees and will be allowed to hire only their relatives starting from January 1.

Thus, the officials’ promise to find placement for everyone who would be left jobless turns out to be impracticable. The chief specialist on placement Volha Peraspevіch says that there are more than 19 thousand vacancies in the capital at the moment. But enterprises need turners, mechanics and builders…

Volha Peraspevіch: There are 15.5 thousand vacancies for workers. Those are drivers, builders (turners and mechanics), there are a lot of vacancies for sellers. Today there are 511 vacancies for shop assistants needed in Minsk. 333 of them are for grocery stores.

Moreover, sellers fired by private entrepreneurs will have a hard time trying to find placement because they do not have education, they only have experience. That is why the jobless are advised to go to three or six months courses. In this case they will be getting 1 or 2 base amounts per month – 35-70 thousand rubles.

There is no rush at the moment – only two women asked for placement in Minsk last week.  Four former private entrepreneurs who liquidated their business turned to the placement service in Maskouski District of Minsk starting from September 4. One woman became a hospital attendant and the other one – a PC operator.

ERB phoned to Slutsk placement service and asked if it was possible to find placement for a 30-year-old woman who has been working for a private entrepreneur for several years.

Employee of placement service: Oh my God. There are loads of sellers: “Slutskhandal”, “Ushod”, “Slutsk” and “Poshuk”. There are a lot of vacancies for shop assistants.

When our journalist said he did not have education they suggested finding placement on his own or applying for courses.

A Minsk private entrepreneur says that he had to fire one of his employees after changing into a PUE. He had informed him about it in a written form two weeks before and gave him a golden handshake (an average salary for two weeks).

Private entrepreneur: The salary is about 400 thousands per month, or 390 to be precise. Divide it by 2 and you will get almost 200 thousands (minus 5 thousands).

The head of the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs Alyaksandr Patupa thinks that about 30 thousand people will become jobless after the New Year’s Day. 3 or 3.5 thousand people will be left jobless in Minsk.

Alyaksandr Patupa: The number could be bigger but many sellers predicted the situation that there will be too many jobless poeple after the New Year and left their work several months ago.

It is also interesting how the prices at markets are going to change during the holidays. On the one hand, PEs may give great discounts to get rid of their goods somehow. On the other hand, they may raise prices because of such a problem. Alyaksandr Patupa thinks that both tendencies will result in the fact that there will be no dramatic changes in pricing.

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